about textgasm
this site is a mashup of concepts. mat honan put it succinctly when he wrote: twitter + postsecret + reddit = textgasm.

the challenge of textgasm comes from not only thinking of a juicy secret, but expressing it in a compelling way with as few words as possible.

secrets are posted here and @textgasm on twitter. secrets can also be found in the RSS feed. looking for a specific secret or comment? now you can search for it.

the site was developed by tevan using XHTML and CSS. the idea for the site was a joint brainstorming effort between tevan and iain cochrane.

inspiration for the design of textgasm came largely from tijs vrolix' simple and sleek design of his guestbook 2.0 experiment.

ryan masuga of masuga web design developed the unobtrusive AJAX star voting bar used on this site. it has been partially rewritten for efficiency.

as of right now, 2,386 secrets have been shared, 2,627 comments have been made, and 120,541 votes have been cast.

about tevan
hello! I'm a 42yo project manager living in north carolina. I thrive on enabling communication.

if you have any comments or suggestions for the site,
hit me up!